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The Benefits of Green Cleaning

  • Healthier Business – Environmentally friendly products do not have the dangerous toxins that other common cleaners have. This allows your customers to breathe easier. This is particularly important in places like hospitals and doctor’s offices.
  • Better Air Quality – Common cleaners release airborne allergens and chemicals into the air, making it harder to breathe. With environmentally conscious products, not only do you get safer cleans, but fresher air.
  • Better for the Environment – When cleaning products go down your drain, they are released into the ocean, causing extensive harm to the earth and eco-system. The fish and environment will thank you for going green.
  • Safer Products – Normal cleaning products can pose risks not only to our customers, but to us as well. We eliminate the threat of burns and airborne toxins by using products without harmful chemicals.

Do you want your business to look good, while still protecting the environment? Anago of South Florida can help. With our green cleaning methods, you can rest easy knowing you can have both. Our commercial cleaning services in Florida are backed by more than 30 years of industry experience.

Other companies will be green with envy at how clean your business is. Call (954) 289-6250 today!