Flagler Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaners Who Sweep Away the Competition

At Anago of South Florida, we believe in providing the most comprehensive janitorial service in the entire region. We strive to meet and exceed all of your expectations, and we don't stop working until you are completely satisfied with the level of our work. With 30 years of experience in commercial cleaning, we have a vast amount of knowledge to draw upon when facing even the most complex cleaning challenges, and we would love the opportunity to put that knowledge to work for you!

Call us for Flagler commercial cleaning services at (954) 289-6250.

Tackling All Your Cleaning Needs

We are available on a regular schedule to perform all of your cleaning needs, including:

  • Floor maintenance – Whether you have carpeted, vinyl, tiled, or concrete floors, we have the tools and equipment to make them sparkle. We can mop, wax, and buff your vinyl floors; vacuum, shampoo, or spot clean your carpets; or even scrub the grout of your tile floors by hand.
  • Dusting – No matter where the dust settles in your office or commercial space, we will find it and clean it out. Dust can gather in the most unlikely places and end up causing unhealthy air quality and unsavory odors, and we eliminate it completely.
  • Windows – When some office buildings have windows high up in the air, many cleaning services will simply ignore them. We, however, are not most office cleaning services. We have the equipment to reach and thoroughly clean even the hardest to reach windows, and we don't stop until they shine.
  • Walls – Because they can become dirty discolored over time, many people don't notice the cleanliness of the walls around them. We do, however, and you will be amazed at the difference in the appearance and the overall feeling of the room after we clean them.

Office Cleaning Done Right the First Time

In addition to providing ongoing office cleaning services, we are also available for one-time visits. Whether you need cleaning up after a special event or some sort of emergency situation, we can restore your office or commercial space back to its former glory! We alter our schedule to match your needs and can show up in the middle of the day or night, any day of the week to perform all of your Flagler commercial cleaning needs.

Contact us at (954) 289-6250 to get the cleaning process started!