Aventura Commercial Cleaning Services

Incomparable Service & Exceptional Cleans

We at Anago of South Florida believe in providing an Aventura commercial cleaning service that not only meets your expectations, but that completely blows those expectations away! We provide a level of customer care that is virtually unheard of in the industry while continually striving for new heights of quality and customer satisfaction. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with each and every cleaning service we provide and are always honing and refining our cleaning techniques/methods in that pursuit.

Commercial Cleaning Focused on Floors to Walls

While many of the businesses and industries we provide our commercial cleaning services in Aventura to vary on their unique requirements, one universal truth is that they all have floors. And very often, those floors need regular care in order to remain safe and attractive to walk on. No matter the type of flooring your commercial space or business has, we have the knowledge, supplies, and equipment to make it shine!

You can expect the following from us:

  • Basic maintenance – We take steps to ensure your carpeted or hard floors stay in the best shape possible. By doing so, we are able to prolong the time needed in between each in-depth cleaning. We thoroughly vacuum and spot clean carpeted floors, and we sweep and mop hard floors during every visit.
  • Deeper cleaning – Every so often, carpeted and hard floors alike need a greater level of care and cleaning, and we can get it done quickly and thoroughly. For carpets, we can perform steam cleaning or hot water extraction to remove ground in dirt and grime and make your carpets look new again. With hard flooring, we can perform a complete waxing job that includes stripping the old residue, applying a new layer, and sealing it for maximum longevity.
  • Tile Floors – Tile floors present their own challenges simply due to the nature of their installation, and we utilize a number of techniques to achieve the shining result you want. If need be, we will even get down on our hands and knees and scrub your grout by hand!
  • Marble floor cleaning – Precious stone flooring such as granite and marble require the utmost care when cleaning. Harsh chemicals can cause bleaching of the floor's surface and heavy foot traffic can dull even the most pristine surface. We specialize in restoring marble flooring to its original beauty and shine as well can schedule regular cleaning services to ensure the floors remain beautiful.

Make Your Business Safer with Our Aventura Commercial Cleaning

Clean floors not only look great and improve the atmosphere of your business. They also cut costs by reducing the chances of accidents and injuries. We also offer environmentally friendly office cleaning techniques that mainly utilize cleaning supplies and solutions that are both effective and ecologically conscious. Our Aventura commercial cleaning services enhance the atmosphere of your business, reduce your total overhead, increase the morale and productivity of your employees, and simply give you a safer, cleaner environment in which to work!

Contact us at (954) 289-6250 to get started! We look forward to serving you.